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Top Cybersecurity Threats To Your Business

Top Cybersecurity Threats To Your Business

Maintaining a proactive approach to network and cybersecurity is the best practice for businesses. During 2018 we went through many of the scams and security threats that business face and steps that you can take to prevent becoming a victim. As your business looks to grow and achieve new goals in 2019, let’s review some of the most prevalent scams and security threats your business will face. Knowing the threats your business faces helps you to take the proactive steps necessary to protect it.


Top Cybersecurity Threats To Your Business

Have Cyber Criminals Targeted Your Business

Too many small to medium sized businesses think that by “keeping their heads down” they won’t be targeted by malicious attacks and cyber criminals. They think that their company doesn’t have the information or capital that cyber criminals or after. Unfortunately, neither of these assumptions are correct, as so many businesses discover. Cyber criminals and fraudsters are equal opportunity criminals and they don’t discriminate due to the size of your business.

The Cyber Threats You Face

  1. Phishing Scams – Did you know 75% of organizations are targets of a phishing scam every single day? Phishing scams don’t have a followed template, but the goal is always the same: compromise your business’ security and information. There are many ways to build a defense and develop good business practices to protect you and your business from phishing attacks. To learn more, check out Protect Your Business From Phishing Scams  and Defend Your Business Against Phishing Attacks .
  2. Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams – BEC scams account for some of the most high-profile and costly cyber crimes. In July of 2018, the FBI reported that total global losses to BEC scams was over $12.5 billion (October 2013-May 2018). BEC scams typically rely on advanced social engineering tactics and bypassing your company’s security measures by targeting the weakest link of cyber security, the human element. Read Ceo Fraud Scams and Why They Are Successful  to learn more.
  3. Ransomware – Ransomware is a malicious attack where the cybercriminal encrypts your data and then demands a ransom payment to get your data back. Ransomware attacks affect business in every industry and of all sizes. Today, the average ransom payment is $500, but depending on the organization and the type of information that is being held hostage, the ransom payment can be much higher. Read more about ransomware attacks here .
  4. Cloud Compromise Threats – As more of our business information is stored or shared on the cloud, the threats have increased as well. From dealing with vendors and quick file transfers to staying in touch with your off-site team members, cloud services have made doing business in a mobile world a whole lot easier. Working on public wifi and weak passwords pose the largest threats so review How To Create Strong Passwords and protect your business on the cloud.
  5. Cyber-Mining & Cryptojacking – 2018 saw the rise of this particular cybercrime. Cybercriminals hijack your computer by infecting it with malware, they then harness your computer’s processing for their own purposes. Experts believe criminal hijacking of computers will see a significant increase in 2019, especially for the mining of cryptocurrencies. Learn more about cryptojacking and protect your business.

To learn more about the cyber security threats your business faces and check your business’ preparedness through a No-Cost System Audit, contact Pros 4 Technology today. Your trusted managed IT services provider and cyber security specialist.