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Is data backup part of your IT services? Most small businesses don’t survive catastrophic data loss, and it happens all too often.

What if you lost all your data? All of your work, all of your invoices? What if you had to call your customers and ask them how much they owed you because all of your data was gone? Could you stay in business?

It seems extreme, but in the case of fire, flood, or other natural disaster, or even a security breach by hackers, this can become a reality. Insurance payments can help you rebuild your office, but no amount of money can bring your customer data back if you don’t have a data backup and disaster plan in place.

You or someone on your staff may be doing backups, but do you verify that they are working? If your only backup is stored on your on-site server, your files can be vulnerable to natural disaster or computer virus attack. We recommend a proactive approach – daily, scheduled data backups with both on-site and off-site storage. Daily data backup is an essential component of our Managed IT Services.

Pros 4 Technology data backup solutions include:

  • Simple, quick installation
  • Automated, scheduled on-site and off-site data backups
  • Secure, off-site data storage
  • Monitoring and testing of backups
  • 24/7 file restoration

Properly designed and monitored data backup minimizes your downtime in the case of data loss.

We take a two-pronged approach: automated on-site backups of your files and software, and additional off-site backups with secure data storage. The full on-site backup allows you to get back up and running faster in the case of a workstation or server issue. Our off-site file backup ensures that you can recover from even the most extreme data loss disaster – like fire, flood, or theft.

Many of our clients choose a dedicated backup server that keeps systems running without so much as a hiccup should they have an equipment failure. If you lose a file or even an entire database, we can restore your data and get you up and running again… often within minutes.

In addition to helping you backup your data safely, we also offer data recovery services that can sometimes recover lost files from computer hard drive failure, human error, or computer viruses. At Pros 4 Technology, we have clients throughout east central and southeastern Wisconsin who turn to us for scheduled, secure data backup, and many other Managed IT Services. Contact us today to discuss your data backup and disaster recovery plan.

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David Schmidt President of Aislelogic inSaukville Wisconsin

“Installation was smooth and easy and Pros 4 Technology service has been prompt and effective – even when the questions are not related to [their] installation.” -Susan Radke, Owner of The HUB Studio Cafe & Seranya Studios Art Boutique

David Schmidt President of Aislelogic inSaukville Wisconsin

“From major issues to quick and simple email questions, we know we can rely on them to get back to us quickly and to give us the right information the first time.” -Kristina Halseth, Insurance Solutions of Wisconsin

David Schmidt President of Aislelogic inSaukville Wisconsin

“Over the past few years, we… have struggled to find a supportive and knowledgeable computer company to service our growth. Pros 4 Technology has exceeded our expectations.” -Matt T. Kapellen, Executive Broker, Pleasant View Realty

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