Managed IT Services for Sheboygan County Businesses


What are “Managed IT Services?”

If your company relied on a fleet of specialized vehicles, you wouldn’t wait until one broke down to get it serviced. You would schedule regular maintenance at a reputable shop to change the oil, check filters and fluids, rotate tires, and so on. Without preventive maintenance, your computer equipment is similarly vulnerable to breakdown.

Your computers and network are a collection of complex machines and software working 24 hours a day to keep your business running. If that is not enough, they are under constant attack by hackers, computer viruses, spyware and malware. Because of these factors, and mistakes made by every-day users, your computers require regular maintenance to keep them from slowing down, and to help prevent costly computer crashes.

When you choose Pros 4 Technology as your Managed IT Services provider, we become your small business IT department. Instead of waiting until something breaks, we take a consistently proactive approach, monitoring your network security, servers, system components, and workstations to make sure that everything is working optimally. If we find something that needs to be addressed, we make it right – before it breaks. By doing so, we prevent nearly all crashes and costly downtime – keeping your business running smoothly, every day.

And if the worst does happen – we’re here for you. Waiting for a replacement server from the manufacturer can take days. At Pros 4 Technology, we’ve invested in a “stand-by” server ready and updated at all times for our Managed IT clients. We can load it with your back up data, install it, and have you back to work in hours, not days.

Monitoring your network also gives us the opportunity to help you plan for future technology needs as your business grows. With a thorough understanding of your network and equipment usage, we stay a step ahead, designing scalable, cost-effective solutions and upgrades that will keep your systems operating at peak efficiency, no matter how rapidly your business grows.

Server & Computer Hardware Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Workstation and server monitoring to identify and address issues
  • Computer hardware: cleaning and inspection of internal components and computer repair
  • Server support including server maintenance, server installation and repair
  • Use of our “Standby Server” if it’s ever needed

Network Security & Regulatory Compliance

  • Software and firmware updates and secure data storage
  • Security updates, firewall monitoring and password management
  • Computer virus and spyware protection and removal
  • Software licensing and regulatory compliance

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Business data and technology disaster recovery plans
  • Scheduling and testing daily data backups
  • Data restoration from cloud or on-site backups
  • Data recovery from corrupted or damaged computers and servers

Cloud Server Solutions

  • Analyzing your data and accessibility needs to determine suitability
  • Designing cloud-based solutions for optimal efficiency, reliability and ROI

Our clients throughout east central and southeastern Wisconsin count on us to perform the regular tasks that keep their IT systems running smoothly. Their employees love that their technology works so they can do their jobs.

Are you ready for a proactive solution for your IT services?

At Pros 4 Technology, we begin every new client relationship with a No-Cost, No-Obligation Network Audit. We perform a comprehensive audit of your entire network to look for potential problems, security loopholes, spyware and other hidden problems that affect performance and put your business data at risk. Contact us today to schedule yours!

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David Schmidt President of Aislelogic inSaukville Wisconsin

“Pros 4 Technology has come to our aid several times and are extremely professional and reliable.” -Mary Hauser, Executive Director, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

David Schmidt President of Aislelogic inSaukville Wisconsin

“Running a business isn’t easy, but knowing we always have our computer system running to its fullest capacity is a relief, to say the least.” -Daryl Prusow, President of Espire Homes

David Schmidt President of Aislelogic inSaukville Wisconsin

“The Pros 4 Technology team is very reliable and their expertise has proven to be a valuable service for our organization.” -Ryan Rohlinger, Operations Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County

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