Consider moving Office to the Cloud.

There’s no arguing the need for Office software. MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook have all become standard in business the world over. If your business needs to upgrade your licensing to the newest version of Microsoft Office Suite, it’s time to consider Microsoft Office 365, the cloud-based version of Office.

Why make the switch to Office 365?

  • Savings on software. By now you know that every few years a new version is released and you have to buy the Microsoft Office Suite all over again or face compatibility issues. All those upgrades can be pricey for a small business, and if you add new users it can really add up. All software updates and future software upgrades are included in the Microsoft Office 365 subscription, so you don’t have to keep buying Office over and over again.
  • Flexibility. You may have some employees — for instance sales or service people — that don’t always work at the office. Users can access Office 365 on any device, and employees who need to work from home or use a personal device to access work files can do so. Some people are calling this concept “BYOD” for “Bring Your Own Device.”
  • Scalability. If you have seasonal staff or plan to expand your business in the near future, using Office 365 as a subscription can really add up to some savings. Microsoft allows you to pay by the month for users, so you don’t have to buy what you won’t use. In most cases, paying per user under a business plan is a more cost effective than buying the “offline” Office Suite for new hires.

Microsoft offers several different packages of Office 365. One popular option, Office 365 Business, includes the complete Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher) and a full Terabyte (1 TB) of “SkyDrive” cloud storage. Upgraded plans include additional features like business email with custom domain and email exchange services.

If you’re facing a Microsoft Office upgrade, it’s time to consider Office 365. Pros 4 Technology will help you select the best plan option for your business, setup your account and users, and coordinate seamless data migration with minimal or no downtime. Contact us today to learn more about cloud computing with Microsoft Office 365!