Excellent, professional services with team that is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Excellent, professional services with team that is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The responsiveness of the helpdesk team is incredible! I highly recommend Pros 4 Technology!

Jacky Drewry CEO
Anchor of Hope Health Center

Drexel’s IT Department is Pros 4 Technology… They have become a very important part of our team and we look forward to a long term relationship with them.

With 6 locations and over 200 computers, it has been a relief that Pros 4 Technology manages all of our IT. The solutions they have developed for our company, both cloud solutions and on-site solutions, make our company run efficiently and allow us to keep growing. They are always watching out for not only our technology reliability and security, but our bottom line!

Joel Fleischman CEO of Drexel Building Supply
Locations in Brookfield, Campbellsport, Berlin, Sheboygan Falls, Wrightstown, and Kiel, Wisconsin

Pros came in and provided our organization stability in the midst of transition.

Bill was terrific and sat down with me and my team to give a very thorough overview of the services Pros would provide, along with timeline and cost. But importantly, was after that initial meeting, as our relationship has progressed, every invoice has been exactly what Bill quoted us. After any organization signs on, you mostly deal with Bill’s team, who are equally awesome. His engineers explained everything as we went through the migration process and were very reassuring. Not to mention, that it has been no less then AMAZING to have access to a help desk, that has responded to every issue almost immediately.

Karin Kirchmeier Executive Director of Partners
Sheboygan WI

Pros 4 Technology truly exemplifies customer service.

They are fast, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. They truly go above and beyond for their customers. We depend on them and they come through time and time again.

Daryl Mangeri Executive Director of Consumer Credit Counseling Service
Sheboygan, WI

The Pros 4 staff assisted us with a new server project, numerous site improvements, and handles our regular monthly maintenance.

The Pros 4 staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The thing I appreciate most about Pros 4 Technology is when we have a problem, they are very responsive and generally have the problem solved within an hour.

Chief Ryan Vossekuil Jackson Police Department
Jackson, WI

We are always treated with the utmost respect by everyone at Pros4Technology.

We receive prompt replies to all of our concerns. Everyone is so patient and professional, and we feel completely at ease with all of our IT needs being handled by your company.

Tandra Sbrocco Executive Director of Love Inc of Sheboygan County

When dealing with Pros 4 Technology I felt that it was all about ME!

No matter what question I asked, trust me there were a lot, they answered them all with professionalism and was able to communicate at my level. The installation of equipment was well executed, they went above and beyond what one would expect. My experience was awesome and still have their continued support and expertise which brings a level of comfort in this technology world.

Traci Hermann Clerk Treasurer of Town of Mosel

Pros4Technology is by far the easiest group to work with and their communication is extraordinary.

If I need help they try to get to me as quickly as I can. The staff are personable and knowledgeable. They will work hard to figure out your issue.

Richard Wirtz Andrews & Wirtz Law Office LLC

Bill and his staff are very knowledgeable and responsive.

Any time we ask for help, they are right there, ready to help and have the resolution we need.  We feel that our data is protected and if something should go wrong, they would be there to assist and can provide us with back-up without hesitation.

Jessica Herzog Lift X Services LLC
Waldo, WI

Pros 4 Technology has been instrumental in helping us set up and manage our IT infrastructure.

Their behind-the-scenes updates and maintenance work is invisible to the end users, which allows our system to be up and our employees able to work just about 100% of the workday.  They are very responsive, and answer any questions or address any concerns quickly, with a very fast ticket turnaround time.  We highly recommend.

Tiffany Vande Hey, CPA, CMA, CFM Controller at Quasius Construction

Our growing business was in need of better IT security and back-up.

We also needed a more efficient way to share files within our company, so we reached out to Bill.  After a thorough explanation of options, Pros 4 implemented a new server in our office.  They suggested equipment that fit our needs best.  Their crew installed everything quickly, with minimal disruption.  We are extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, communication and follow-up of the entire team.

Kate Holzmann Owner of D & D Carpentry
Plymouth, WI

Pros 4 Technology cleaned up our nightmare of IT mess in quick order.

No more daily glitches! They respond instantly when there is a problem. If the situation cannot be cleared up remotely someone is here within the hour.Every staff member is very knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful.

Mike Hannes Owner of Lakeshore Pallet, Inc.
Howards Grove, WI

We engaged Pros 4 Technology at a critical time for our company.

We were unsatisfied with our current IT provider and were constructing a new facility. Pros 4 quickly and accurately assessed our current and future needs. They worked directly with our general contractor and related subcontractors to ensure no IT requirements were missed. And they were out in full force the weekend of our move, allowing us to seamlessly close business on Friday at our old location and be operational at our new facility first thing the following Monday morning. They have continued to be incredibly responsive, whether dealing with new project requests or assisting with help desk questions. They pride themselves on providing only the highest quality in their service along with honest assessments of your IT needs, and it shows.

Bill Tatman General Manager of Lakeside Bottling Company

Having a competent, local IT partner has made a huge difference for our firm.

Over the past 20 years our firm utilized various consulting firms based out of Milwaukee.  We were always “small fish” to these companies and we felt it.  Working with Pros4 I have never felt like my problems were put on the back burner, they are always quick to respond to any issue I come across. Their use of email support tickets always makes me feel confident that any problem I have will be resolved in a timely manner and I’m never left waiting more than an hour for a response.  If the initial point of contact can’t fix the issue immediately, they find a way to get it resolved, even if it means getting several engineers involved. As the sole in-house IT person, they have helped make my job easier by bringing new tools into our office that allow me to do my job more efficiently.

Rosa Hartman IT Rhode Dales
Sheboygan, WI

We decided to make the switch to Pros for our IT needs and are happy we did.

The transition went smooth and timely and did not disrupt our business.  We were able to improve the way we were sharing our files in a more cost effective manner.  They were knowledgeable and helped us get security cameras up and running at an offsite location.  When we do have questions or a problem we always get a quick response and they resolve the situation timely.  We are very pleased with our decision to switch to Pros 4 Technology.

Diane Fletcher Owner of MVP Storage
Sheboygan, WI

Making the switch to Pros has been a great fit for our company.

They were able to solve the ongoing issues we had with our previous company. The process of switching over was properly communicated and implemented in a timely matter which made down time minimal. I enjoyed working with everyone through the initial set up and now continuing with the help desk with any issues that arise. Their timely communication isn’t something you can always find in the IT world, and it is VERY MUCH appreciated.

Jenna Pack General Manager of Champion Storage
Sheboygan, WI

I can’t imagine how frustrated we would be without your services

I must tell you how impressed I am with your team…they have been an invaluable partner for us and get us answers and solutions very quickly.

Dan Feldner Dan Feldner Regional Franchise Developer

We cannot say enough positive things about the level of professionalism and helpfulness from the team at Pros4Technology

Especially with the way the past year has gone and the need to transition to a heavy virtual platform, we were so thankful to have Pros on our team, ensuring we were set up appropriately to deliver the best virtual experiences for our members and helping us make informed decisions and updates to be current with the times.

Deidre Martinez Executive Director of the Sheboygan County Chamber

Entering into a partnership with Pros 4 Technology (P4T) was one of the smartest decisions we have made in a long time. Coordinating our technology needs, managing our network, and dealing with the inevitable issues simply became too much for us to handle ourselves. P4T took the time to really understand our needs and worked closely with us to create a custom solution for a price that other such companies simply couldn't beat. Their people are courteous, well trained, and quick to resolve any problems that come up. They continue to deliver everything that they promised. Do yourself a favor, partner with P4T and get back to what you do best. They will have your back.

Jay Lindsey, Jr. Principal
St. John Lutheran School

We partnered with Pros 4 Technology just about a year ago. Ever since, the stress from playing “amateur IT professional” has vanished.

We are a small business, so not quite large enough to require a staff IT professional. Partnering with Pros 4 Technology solves that issue for us. They have assisted us in upgrading our hardware and networks at both of our locations. The help desk is readily available and provides prompt assistance. We receive monthly, onsite maintenance visits to help maintain IT security. Being a modern manufacturing facility, we also need assistance with communication amongst our different manufacturing cells. Pros 4 Technology has helped us streamline these networks as well. Partnering with Pros 4 Technology is akin to hiring an entire IT staff, but at a fraction of the price. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our partnership thus far.

Greg Schrage Advanced Tooling, Inc.

Pros 4 Technology has been instrumental in setting up our computer and networking infrastructure. They helped make our nonprofit business more secure and efficient.

Pros4Technology provides exceptional customer service that has resulted in minimized downtime and disruption. We have peace of mind knowing there is a team of experts available anytime, guaranteeing high levels of service and solutions.

Steve Rogstad xecutive Director
Sheboygan County Research Center

Pros 4 Tech has been a great IT partner for our company. Our computers, accounts, and data are secured and backed-up.

As technical issues arise, the Pros 4 team is quick to respond to make things right. We are very happy with their service and expect to continue working with them for the foreseeable future.

Chris Merklein Van Horn Development

We have been clients of Pros4 for a little over a year now. They came in at our request and updated our equipment as needed and increased our cyber security. They now come in once a month to do any needed updates, check that everything is running right, answer any questions, and attend to any concerns we have about anything including going to bat for us with our technology providers. All our daily backups are done by them, so we are carefree knowing that is being taken care of for us. Any issues we have we call the help desk number, and they are right there to jump on our computers remotely and fix whatever is going on. They are awesome! If they cannot do it from there, they send someone right over and being not that far from them we get very quick service. They also installed cameras on our property. They are currently helping us with the transition to satellite internet to increase speed. Everyone is very friendly and ready to help whenever we call. We are very happy and confident that we can rely on them taking care of the techy end of things so we can concentrate on what we need to be doing for our business. Highly recommend!

Bonnie Ongna Ongna Wood Products, Inc.
St. John Lutheran School

Pros 4 Technology does an excellent job keeping our network and computers up-to-date and safe. If we ever have an issue – they are quick on the response and solution. I love that they can fix things remotely, and we don’t have to wait for someone to come in person – they’re very efficient.

Jessica Schrage IFS Waste Services

Their staff is easy to work with, effective, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.

Pros4Tech is a really great partner. They took on the burden (and nightmare) of network security and backups, and also support us in all other areas of technology. Their staff is easy to work with, effective, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.

Vicky Bramstedt Director of Communications, St. Paul Lutheran Church
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology provides me a great deal of comfort in knowing that my business data and technology systems are professionally maintained and protected.

In today’s world, businesses rely heavily on technology solutions and the lack of ongoing maintenance and proper disaster recovery can be fatal. We have been very pleased with… the entire Pros 4 Technology team!

David Schmidt President of Aislelogic
Saukville, Wisconsin

Coming to work and having all our computers and printers working so that we can begin our day without delay is of huge economic importance to us.

We highly recommend the services of Pros 4 Technology. Our previous experience with a pay per visit firm resulted in coming to work on a Monday morning with computers and printers not working. I was honestly reluctant to sign up for a monthly fee agreement with Pros 4 Technology because I felt that such agreement would be to our economic disadvantage and that it would be better for us to pay as we go. I was wrong. Since signing on with the Pros 4 Technology monthly maintenance program, we have had zero unplanned downtime on any of our computers or devices. The difference between what we had before and what we have now is truly amazing. If there are issues with our computers a tech shows up on a timely basis and performs their work, and when they are done, they have truly solved the issue without creating other issues. A tech will show up without us telling them that there is going to be a problem with one of our computers, and the problem is fixed before there is a crash, loss of data, or loss of employee production time. I am extremely happy with Pros 4 Technology and would recommend their services to anyone.

Dwight D. Darrow Darrow & Dietrich Law Offices
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Very knowledgeable staff that pays attention to the details.

Quick turnaround time with fast action. Keep up the good work!

Greg Casper, C.F.P. Owner, The Financial Group

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

We found them to be knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with.

In 2017, New Holstein Utilities (NHU) began a search for an IT vendor who could provide managed IT services for our utility. Pros 4 Technology was invited to meet with us to discuss their services. Shortly after the meeting they conducted a free, comprehensive network analysis and then were invited to provide a proposal for services. While we have only been a business partner with Pros 4 Technology for a short time, NHU has found them to be knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with. We anticipate having a strong business relationship with Pros 4 Technology.

Randy Jaeckels General Manager, New Holstein Utilities

We appreciate the proactive approach to managing our computer systems, allowing us to focus on our business rather than IT problems.

Pros 4 Technology has been a great technology partner for our organization. After an initial analysis of our systems they provided us with options of how to best utilize their services.

Kathleen Eickhoff Executive Director, Elkhart Lake Tourism
Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Bill and the team at Pros 4 Technology are knowledgeable and professional.

They do what’s best for their clients and their businesses and explain all that they do in a way that we can understand. They truly care about their clients and are one of the best for IT services.

Emily Hamel Professional Organizer Owner of Optimal Organization
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

They come to our office every month and do a computer clean up and check for any other issues we are having.

We have been using Pros 4 Technology for several years. They are always very helpful and have a lot of knowledge when we can’t get our phones or computers to work correctly. The response time is great so we can get up and running quickly. I would recommend them to anyone. Other business owners I have referred are also very pleased with their service.

April Tarras Co-Owner of Nett Insurance Agency
Plymouth, Wisconsin

We are happy to join the growing list of satisfied clients!

We have been very pleased with the service and support received from the Pros 4 Technology team, exactly what we expected!

Shirl Breunig Executive Director of the Sheboygan Falls Chamber-Main Street
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology is always available for your IT needs.

If your business has a problem Bill’s people are “Johnny on the spot” for your business solutions. He even works weekends like I do!

Bruce Harvey Owner of Tax Management Group
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology is both responsive and very personable. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend their services to anyone!

We were looking for a local company that could handle our computer and networking needs. A local company was very important to us when we began to look for a new tech company. We try to support local businesses, and we’ve found that we have a local tech company that outperforms the other companies that we talked to outside of the area.

Shaunna Baganz Braganzas Incorporated
Plymouth, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology’s support staff is very timely, professional and personal.

Pros 4 Technology has proven to be very thorough in their planning and implementation of solutions to meet our IT needs, from data backup, server replacement and increased Wi-Fi accessibility, as well as improved access between our multiple locations…. I would highly recommend Pros 4 Technology for all your computer needs.

Jeff Brill Operations Manager of Sheboygan Auto Group
Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Sheboygan, Wisconsin

You can’t do better than Pros 4 Technology.

I have known Bill for over 6 years and he has provided wonderful computer support for my small business, Advanced Spine Care and Wellness. Pros 4 Technology helped me quickly remove a nasty virus from my computer (before I was using them for IT support) and then provided guidance and software to prevent that from happening again. Great support from the best IT staff around. Superlative care and support.

Dr. Craig Morris, D.C. Owner of Advanced Spine Care & Wellness
Sheboygan & Plymouth, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology has come to our aid several times and are extremely professional and reliable.

We have had wonderful experiences with Pros 4 Technology. [They] are definitely our go-to firm for all computer help…. We would highly recommend working with them for any of your computer needs.

Mary Hauser Executive Director, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
Plymouth, Wisconsin

I highly recommend Bill and staff at Pros 4 Technology.

Bill has always been there for me with solid direction and advice especially about virus protection and cyber-theft/protection.

Mark Weber Artist, Owner of Mark Weber Illustration & Design
Howards Grove, Wisconsin

Running a business isn’t easy, but knowing we always have our computer system running to its fullest capacity is a relief, to say the least.

We have been using Pros 4 Technology for many years dating back to the previous company we owned, to our new business we started up in 2017. Their staff is second to none. The level of service we receive is amazing to say the least. We can call about any concern or issue and either they answer right away or immediately get back to us. The level of knowledge Pros 4 Technology has goes beyond the expectation of our company. We recently started up a construction business and hired them to provide and install our computer system to include our phone system. They offer a monthly maintenance fee at a very competitive rate, which gives us access to their technicians whenever we are in need of help. Pros 4 Technology also ran all of our data wiring to ensure us a system that has the most current wiring for the technological times we live in. I would recommend this company for any of your computer or data needs.

Daryl Prusow President of Espire Homes
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

With Pros 4 Technology we get on-site monthly visits so that we have the face to face contact, and get to know who we are working with on the other end of the line…

Working with the group at Pros 4 Technology has been great. From the conversion to our everyday support the relationship and professionalism from the team at Pros 4 Technology has been astounding. They recommended Windows 360 and I was apprehensive at first, but with their support and especially their patience, it has been a good move for our organization.

When calling in to the support line or emailing them, the response time is quick and the correction is immediate. I really appreciate the fact that they can remote in at any time, on any machine that we have especially when we purchased a new printer, they were able to set it up on the network and help us set up each work station with access, all done remotely….. I definitely recommend Pros 4 Technology.

Jo Ann Lesser Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Howards Grove
Howards Grove, Wisconsin

The Pros 4 Technology team is very reliable and their expertise has proven to be a valuable service for our organization.

Pros 4 Technology has been serving the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County for a number of years. We have four locations throughout Washington County with a number of technology needs…. The Boys & Girls Club of Washington County highly recommends Pros 4 Technology for any and all IT services.”

Ryan Rohlinger Operations Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County
West Bend, Kewaskum, Jackson, and Hartford, Wisconsin

From major issues to quick and simple email questions, we know we can rely on them to get back to us quickly and to give us the right information the first time.

We have used Pros 4 Technology for quite a few years now and can say we have always received excellent and quick service. We highly recommend them to anyone needing help with technology.

Kristina Halseth Next Step Insurance
Plymouth, Wisconsin

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

A few years ago I was attached by a ransom type virus. If I did not have a backup with Pros 4 Technology, I would be out of business. Thank you.

Tammy Meyer Owner of Meeting Planner Supplies
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Installation was smooth and easy and Pros 4 Technology service has been prompt and effective – even when the questions are not related to [their] installation.

I was very glad we chose to work with Pros 4 Technology. After hearing much conflicting advice, [they] explained what would best suit our needs and made us feel very comfortable with the decisions that had to be made.

Susan Radke Owner of The HUB Studio Cafe & Seranya Studios Art Boutique
Plymouth, Wisconsin

Over the past few years, we… have struggled to find a supportive and knowledgeable computer company to service our growth. Pros 4 Technology has exceeded our expectations.

On a referral, we interviewed [Pros 4 Technology] and immediately felt that [they] understood our needs as a growing company. [They] proposed a plan to implement to safe guard our system and make our server, system and computers more user friendly and reliable.

Matt T. Kapellen Executive Broker, Pleasant View Realty
Plymouth, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology takes the time to explain how certain technologies work, and help us to decide the best fit for our organization.

Pros 4 Technology was invaluable in updating all our systems. They’re incredible trouble-shooters and have saved the day for us many times…. They’re responsive and friendly, too.

Jodi Casetta Principal of Holy Trinity School
Kewaskum, Wisconsin

The Pros 4 Technology team is very accessible, and a joy to work with.

The Pros 4 Technology team has worked extremely hard at meeting our technology needs here at the Boys & Girls Clubs and have done an amazing job!

Gwen Weber Director of Operations, Boys & Girls Clubs of Sheboygan County
Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology has been a blessing to us as they have addressed emergency issues, security issues and hardware issues, all with complete efficiency, expertise, and professionalism.

The Team at Pros 4 Technology is second to none…. Even during their initial evaluation of our systems, it was obvious that [they were] up-to-date on everything from our routers to our server needs, to our requirements for HIPPA. It is great to know that Pros 4 Technology is there for us anytime we need them and truly ‘has our back!

Dr. Wendy Varish Chiropractor, Howards Grove Chiropractic
Howards Grove, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology is always available when needed with fast, dependable service. They are proactive with regular maintenance to prevent problems.

[Pros 4 Technology] has serviced our computer system for many years. [They} take great care of all our computer needs, from replacing a server to helping with any computer questions…. I highly recommend Pros 4 Technology for your computer needs! [They do] a great job for our company.

Mike Burkart President/Owner of Mike Burkart Ford, Inc.
Plymouth, Wisconsin

I highly recommend contacting Pros 4 Technology for outstanding service and experts in their field.

Bill and the Pros 4 Technology staff have saved us money by keeping our computers running smoothly and by installing internet phones.

Mike Haucke Co-owner of Haucke Plumbing & Heating
Plymouth, Wisconsin

We were looking for an expert IT consulting firm to help us manage our growing technology needs…. We found just that with Pros 4 Technology.

From the no obligation Technology Analysis and Recommendation Report to full implementation of a secure network with a backup and disaster recovery solution, onsite and remote support along with 24-7-365 remote monitoring of our network, [Pros 4 Technology] always goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend the professional and reliable team from Pros 4 Technology.

John F. Kuznacic Vice President of Honold & LaPage, Inc.
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The service we received was top notch and they went the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied.

Pros 4 Technology provided the YMCA with a rather large scale Wi-Fi coverage. They were very professional and provided us with a very accurate quote. They provide great tech support when needed and are very responsive to our needs. I would recommend Pros 4 Technology to anyone.

Mike Gustafson Executive Director, Sheboygan Falls YMCA
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology is just spectacular at getting computer systems to work right, and work well.

I’ve trusted the backup service and network setup from Pros 4 Technology for years. These days, most of our business data resides on our computers, and any loss or blockage of our access to our data has the potential to shut down our businesses…forever!

Jerry Baltus Business Coach
Plymouth, Wisconsin

Quite simply, Pros 4 Technology allows the Town of Jackson to have a high level of computer productivity and security without the cost of an IT department.

Julia Oliver Clerk, Town of Jackson
Washington County, Wisconsin

The life of our hardware has no doubt been extended because of the maintenance provided by Pros 4 Technology.

Pros 4 Technology have been serving all our information technology needs for over 6 years. We run a 26,000-square foot Community Center and have multiple computers/servers including a public computer lab. We have several partners in the building with various filter needs as well, and Pros 4 Technology can accommodate almost any request…. There have been several “issues” that would most certainly have been crises if it had not been for the quick response of the Pros 4 Technology team. To keep your business technology running efficiently, economically and securely I would highly recommend Pros 4 Technology.

Kelly Valentino Parks & Recreation Director, Village of Jackson
Jackson, Wisconsin

We have been very satisfied with the Pros 4 Technology response to any of our issues that have come up.

In 2013 Pros 4 Technology, Inc. installed new workstations in all of our offices and the systems have been operating above my expectations ever since.

John Skodinski Fire Chief, Village of Jackson Fire Department
Jackson, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology is always available when you need them and their follow through and follow up is excellent!

We have used Pros 4 Technology for years. We recently relocated our facility and we were reminded again how awesome their service is. An entire new network was created by the Pros 4 Technology professional team and we were up and running day one flawlessly.

Kevin Loose President of Custom Craft Trophy & Embroidery
Plymouth, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology is our life line to technology. They are always looking out for the bottom line of OCA with cutting edge ideas and solutions for our tech needs.

…[The Pros 4 Technology] team is accurate and efficient. They continue to exceed my expectations.

Brian J Goelzer Executive Director, Orange Cross Ambulance
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The regular preventive maintenance has kept our systems running seamlessly and securely, and the few small issues that have arisen in our computers were addressed promptly and effectively.

As a growing small business, we tried to handle our computer issues and maintenance in house. When the issues began to exceed our abilities, we sought out professional help. The results of working with the first two firms we contacted were mixed, with one actually making things worse. We finally contracted Pros 4 Technology to handle our computer needs, and couldn’t be happier. They provided and set up a new computer for us, tailored to how we use it, and integrated it with our existing machine. The comfort of knowing our computers are all current on operating system updates and security measures lets us focus more on operating our business and less on computer concerns. I only wish we would have done this sooner.

David Yurk Owner of Crockett’s Cabinetry & Woodworking
Glenbeulah, Wisconsin

I can rely on Pros 4 Technology’s expertise and put a high level of confidence in their abilities and customer service.

We’ve been using Pros 4 Technology for a few years now and have been very happy with their service…. I highly recommend them for all your computer system needs.

Mark J. Miller, CPA Mark J. Miller, CPA
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

We have had several long-time problems that we thought that we just had to live with. Pros 4 Technology was proactive and found a solution to these problems…

Working with Pros 4 Technology has been a big help. They answer all questions, from the simple to the difficult…. In an emergency situation, they are always right there. And even day to day issues are taken care of right away with almost no waiting.

Marcie Laurin Professional Supply
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology provides spectacular IT service. Very simply, they are among the very best!

Pros 4 Technology has been the exclusive computer consultant for our office computer systems since 1993.

George G. Hartl, DDS, MS. Orthodontist & Owner of Hartl Orthodontics
West Bend, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology’s proactive approach to IT has reduced the downtime and problems in our business, savings us money.

Pros 4 Technology has been a blessing for EcoManity. They’ve helped our company set up network to cloud computing which helps improve office efficiency. They’ve protected us with online backups and helped network our office. Pros 4 Technology have acted promptly anytime we have issues…. I highly recommend Pros 4 Technology!

Brian Schwaller Energy Consultant and Owner of EcoManity and FacilityLEDLighting.com
Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology always goes above and beyond. They are great people to work with. Would recommend you to anyone.

Laurie Hatch Smith & Hatch Insurance Agency
Eden, Wisconsin

We use Pros 4 Technology as our IT department.

It is not only their fast service that has us using Pros 4 Technology. When they are here repairing a problem (which is far less often than before we began using Pros 4 Technology) they are also advising us as to steps we need to take to prevent possible IT problems down the road.

Roger Ostermann President of RLO Sign
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology is very professional, and very reliable. We couldn’t be more pleased.

We are very happy to be associated with Pros 4 Technology. They came to our office and resolved some long standing issues that others were unable to diagnose or correct. Since their intervention, and monthly maintenance, our system has been running smoothly. When we have an issue, Pros 4 Technology is able to resolve it, usually within an hour, often times remotely.

Steven R. Lindstrom DDS. Dentist and Owner of The Lindstrom Group
Howards Grove, Wisconsin

We are pleased with Pros 4 Technology’s work and would highly recommend them to anyone!

My wife Hilde and I have a small business and we needed to upgrade our old outdated laptop computer. A good friend of mine and our accountant both suggested that we call Pros 4 Technology and discuss with [them] our needs regarding a computer for our business. It was a well-placed call – we now have a system that functions better than we expected.

Deacon Dennis Bennin Co-Owner of Hilde’s Deli & Bakery
Chilton, Wisconsin

Pros 4 Technology’s knowledgeable staff is always helpful. We would highly recommend them!

Pros 4 Technology has provided us very prompt service for over 15 years.

John Kruepke Owner, K&A Petro, J&M Ltd.
Multiple service stations located across Washington County, Wisconsin

They are integral to ensuring the City of Kiel is a modern city government, so we can better serve our residents in a secure and efficient manner.

Securing, updating and centralizing our IT infrastructure was a priority and we didn’t know where to start. I was recommended Pros 4 Technology by a friend, and they handled the process from start to finish. In a little over a year, they updated our servers, centralized our IT infrastructure, secured our workstations, installed WiFi, installed a VoIP phone system, and there are more projects to come.

Jamie J. Aulik City Administrator
City of Kiel