Internet-based VOIP Phone Systems (Voice-Over IP) are expected to replace traditional land-based phone lines in the near future.

Improvements in internet connectivity and speed and the high cost of maintaining outdated telephone lines with limited data capability is driving telecommunications companies to transition to internet based phone service. A VOIP phone system is an appealing option for businesses looking for flexibility, scalability and availability of modern call features, often at a lower cost than traditional land based phone service.

Advantages of VOIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses

  • Lower cost: VOIP is almost always less expensive than traditional land lines, particularly when your company has a high volume of long distance and international calls
  • Mobility and convenience: each phone number is completely portable, making this a great feature for companies with multiple locations and/or telecommuters. Employees can answer calls virtually anywhere via laptop or by forwarding to a mobile phone.
  • Scalability: adding new users and call features can be done quickly and at minimal extra cost.
  • Ease of use: Good VOIP Phone Systems are designed with an intuitive, easy to use interface that minimizes training and orientation time for users.
  • Reliability: your hosted VOIP phone system is monitored and maintained 24/7. Any issues that we find are addressed immediately, before they affect your business.

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